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Svarcelšanas bloku komplekts ATX® ATX-DRO-SET



Svarcelšanas bloku komplekts ATX® ATX-DRO-SET

ATX ® Soft Drop Block – Set

Complete set consisting of 2 blocks each 15 cm + 30 cm high including 4 stop wedges

Our noise-reducing solution for your weightlifting in a training environment that cannot stand loud impact noises from a loaded dumbbell. With the ATX® Soft Drop Block – Set you reduce the audible and measurable loudness (unit of measurement = sone) in the studio and in the building, for example when you train on the first floor or in general in a building with insufficient sound insulation. Remain on friendly terms with your neighborhood, you will be thanked for your consideration when you use the ATX® Soft Drop Block – Set.
Noise is a stress factor and so-called leisure noise cannot be excluded from it.

The ATX ® Soft Drop Block-Set is the ideal base for protecting floors and equipment. With the soft drop blocks you can now let your dumbbells / weights bounce quietly in acoustically sensitive areas / rooms. The high-quality foam filling has low rebound properties and offers a high level of sound absorption. The casing is very hard-wearing and has ventilation nozzles on all sides, which prevent the casing from bursting due to an abrupt impact. Thanks to the integrated Velcro strips, the blocks can be securely connected / stacked with one another. The stop wedges, which are also attached over the Velcro strips, may prevent the dumbbell from rolling.

  • Soft drop blocks in the format (L x W x H) 75 cm x 50 cm
    , 2 pieces each in a height of 15 cm + 2 pieces in a height of 30 cm
  • including 4 stop wedges – each 50 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm
  • high quality foam filling
  • low rebound properties
  • Reduction of the loudness due to a high level of sound attenuation
  • very hard-wearing outer skin, with ventilation nozzles on all sides
  • with Velcro strips for securely connecting / stacking the blocks
  • on the front with sewn-on handle
  • highly resilient – up to 120 kg / piece *
    cannot be added together! This means that the load capacity of two blocks stacked on top of each other is a maximum of 120 kg
    total load capacity / set – use of the block set right / left – as shown in the illustration – 240 kg
  • Weights per piece: 15 cm block = approx. 8 kg, 30 cm block = approx. 15 kg, stop wedge = approx. 1 kg
  • Total weight: approx. 50 kg
  • Color: black, print – white
  • Brand: ATX ®

Note:  The ATX ® Soft Drop Block Set, as well as its individual components, may only be used with rubberized weight plates, bumper plates and urethane weight plates. The use of uncoated metal disks, such as steel disks / cast weight disks, leads to damage.

Scope of delivery: 2 blocks each 75 x 50 x 15 cm, 2 blocks each 75 x 50 x 30 cm, 4 stop wedges each 50 x 11 x 11 cm

Pricing: per set

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