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Trenažieri - Paliknis svaru stienim



Paliknis svaru stienim

According to the operating principle of the chock holds a pair of lift deadener Dead TM , the weight plates of the loaded barbell, safe 
in their starting position / storage position. With its high degree of damping Deadlift deadener protect TM the equipment used,
so the barbell, the weight plates and the floor of the gym. Another aspect is the significantly reduced noise,
even here the Deadlift deadener play TM one of its strengths.

Much noteworthy is the safety aspect, as the heavily laden weight reached after lifting in a secured position and not
developed an uncontrolled dynamic life of its own, with the potential for injuries in athletes.

The best-known reference for the use of larger Deadlift deadener TM – Strongman Edition is Eddie Hall to name,
acting Deadlift World Record holder and Britain’s strongest man. That an athlete of the caliber of Eddie Hall know
what equipment is appropriate for him, of which one may safely assume confidently.

Details about the dead lift deadener TM

  • Made of molded high quality rubber granules, odorless
  • with a structured surface
  • Dimensions: length 500 mm x width 250 x height 100 mm
  • Weight per piece: 5 kg
  • Color: black, with white logo print Deadlift deadener TM
  • Maximum load: 250 kg
  • Made in Britain

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