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Trenažieri - Lifts svaru stienim IRS5000


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Lifts svaru stienim IRS5000

For the comfortable and safe loading and unloading of the barbell with weight plates of Deadlift Bar Jack is the perfect solution.

Shall weights repositioned or the barbell are unloaded, then simply bring the dead lift Bar Jack in position and
high lift barbell, comparable to a car jack, controlled by means of leverage with your foot.
Then the weight plates can be quickly and easily repositioned or discharged.

The barbell is when using the Deadlift Bar Jack in a secured position, which enables a very easy handling
and minimizes the risk of injury. Once worked with the dead lift Bar Jack you do not want to do without this helper.

  • Deadlift Bar Jack / weight lifter for two-sided easy loading and unloading of the barbell
  • Robust, solid metal construction – even for high weights used
  • Gentle material equipped with protective elements made of plastic barbell recordings
  • can be used with commercially available 30 mm diameter and 50 mm diameter barbells
  • sufficient ground clearance for the handling of weight plates with a diameter of 450 mm is given
  • Maximum load: 450 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Total height including the vertical handle bar: about 89 cm
  • Height of the barbell rest above ground: approximately 26 cm
  • Length: about 51.5 cm
  • Width: approx 106 cm

Price per Deadlift Bar Jack

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