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Trenažieri - Aizsargklājums grīdai hanteļu zonā 100 x 200 x 1 cm BM-HEC - ar pelēkām granulām



Aizsargklājums grīdai hanteļu zonā 100 x 200 x 1 cm BM-HEC – ar pelēkām granulām

Granular soil protection plates 10 mm 
black, with about 6{dc7ae228f18a1b6dda1eac1acbfd4f84da43b75637c0421b776e14f681f9c2c5} ash gray color particles

Heavy-duty elastic protective lining for device and weight ranges in the following formats:

length in mm Width in mm Thickness in mm
500 500 10
500 1000 10
1000 1000 10
1000 2000 10

These protective plates of pressed rubber granules are used everywhere where increased
shock-absorbing and sound-insulating properties are required, making it ideal for protecting covering for joints, surfaces and equipment.
Made in the EU.

Product type:                       protective coating – Plate

Material: made of recycled rubber granules – polyurethane bonded

length: see table
width: see Table
Thickness: 10 mm
bulk density / density of 730 kg / m3
basis weight / m2: 7.3 kg
Soundproofing / force reduction:   medium / high / extra strong

Surface: grain-textured
underside: smooth – granular structure
Color: black + 6{dc7ae228f18a1b6dda1eac1acbfd4f84da43b75637c0421b776e14f681f9c2c5} color particles – light gray
appearance: matt, non-reflective Color


  • heavy loads, leaves no pressure point depressions
  • Extra surface slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant
  • permanently elastic and unbreakable
  • very good lie-flat property
  • absorbs sound, powerful depleting and shock absorbing
  • insensitive to moisture and water
  • colorfast and sweat resistant
  • fast and easy to install
  • cuttable (carpet-laying knives)
  • easy cleaning – wet washable / suck
  • suitable for interior and exterior use


universal range as a protective lining in commercial and industrial,
of general. training areas, equipment and weight ranges.

Indoor: YES
Outdoor: YES
weightlifting / Abwurftraing: NO


3 years except for wear during normal use / Color


The surface does not require special treatment, but must be sound, level,
free of dust and dry.
Small bumps similar to the elastic lining of playing.
Exact longitudinal cutting or recesses can be performed quickly and easily with a carpet / installation knife.

Cleaning / Maintenance:       suck, wet wiping

pricing: per piece

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