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Trenažieri - ATX® Cerakote sieviešu svaru stienis 15kg - rozā krāsā



ATX® Cerakote sieviešu svaru stienis 15kg – rozā krāsā

ATX ® Cerakote Women’s Bar 15 kg – the barbell bar for women in the popular hue Prison Pink

The ATX ® Cerakote Women’s Bar is a multifunctional barbell with high quality pink Cerakote coating.

With a length of 201 cm, two times Reach marking conforming to international standards – IMF / 910 mm and IPF / 810 mm,
and a total weight of 15 kg, this dumbbell bar offers a wide range of applications.
With a PSI value of 190,000 (190 KSI), this barbell is hard resilient and durable.
Whether powerlifting (powerlifting with: squat, bench press, deadlift), Weightlifting (weight lifting) or traditional weight training / bodybuilding,
the ATX ® Cerakote Women’s Bar is ideal for multi-functional applications and will inspire athletes.

Coating in Cerakote Prison Pink, Weight Plate inclusion in Black Chrome.
The special pink Cerakote – coating is a very thin – slightly transparent-looking, matte ceramic coating,
which can feel the direct contact with the pure steel and provides a secure grip.
The coating has excellent resistance to corrosion and has low abrasion properties * on.

* Note: The contact / deposited on exposed metal shelves / J-hooks, etc., the coating of the rod may be damaged.
Hence the deposit on plastic or rubber-coated trays is recommended.

ATX ® Cerakote Women’s Bar 15 kg –  Prison Pink

  • professional barbell with special coating Cerakote
  • high-quality tempered steel according to EN 102775-5
  • Tensile strength (Tesile Strength): 190,000 psi = 190 K (K / NSI = kilo pounds per square inch)
  • heavy duty + 500 kg
  • Edge: Präzisionsrändelung – RGE 30 ° – medium
  • international dual Reach mark IMF / IPF – 910/810 mm
  • without Mittelrändelung
  • Bar with ceramic special coating – Cerakote – in the shade Prison Pink
  • Recordings / Finish: Black Chrome
  • Recording / storage: high-quality maintenance-free bronze bushings
  • Recordings: Ø 50 mm
  • suitable for all conventional weight plates with hole Ø 50/51 mm
  • End faces quality encapsulated with safety ring
  • End cap with ATX ® logo
  • Overall length: 2010 mm
  • Grip dimensions: 1,310 mm
  • Handle diameter: 25 mm
  • Weight: 15 KG
  • Max. Load capacity: 500 KG

ATX ® offers first class, tested and proven equipment for professional use. 
The dumbbell bar has an extremely high compressive strength train and at the same time elasticity.

ATX ® weight bars through in a German independent testing laboratory following material tests:

  • Tensile test acc. DIN EN ISO 6892-1
    Tensile test acc. To DIN EN ISO 6892-1
  • Rockwell hardness gem. DIN EN ISO 6508-1
    Hardness Rockwell acc. DIN EN ISO 6508-1

Thus can be deformed, the weight bars up to a certain voltage (elastic limit),
thereafter without return permanent deformation elastically to the initial state.
The main reason is the optimum quality alloy of among others chromium, molybdenum, silicon and manganese.
Whether weight lifting or power lifting, our ATX ® weight bars keep even the most extreme requirements stood and
thus meet the highest standards.

Pricing per piece


Fitness:  YES
Strength training:  YES
Weightlifting / Powerlifting:  YES


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