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Trenažieri - Powerliftinga stienis ATX Ram bar


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Powerliftinga stienis ATX Ram bar

  • Materiāls – speciāli izgatavots tērauds atbilst EN 102775-5 regulām.
  • Tensālā izturība (Tesile Strength): 206000 psi = 206 K (K / NSI = kilo pounds per square inch).
  • Ar kombinētu pārklājumu – Rod Black oksīdu pārklājumu un nodilumizturīgu hroma pārklājumu.
  • Piemērots lietošanai ar olimpiskajiem svaru diskiem – ar Ø 50/51 mm vidus diametru.
  • Iekapsulēti ATX ® logo “RAM BAR” svaru stieņa galos.
  • Kopējais garums: 2200 mm
  • Vidus daļas garums: 1310 mm
  • Satvēriena diametrs: 28.5 mm
  • Svars: 20 KG
  • Maksimālā celtspēja: 700 KG

The specified maximum load capacity of the barbell is given only under optimal conditions!
In exercises with wide grip such as bench press, the theoretical maximum load of the dumbbell is possible.
At certain points central load distribution, such as squat reduces the max. Endurance!
Failure to comply with the given in Tables load limits and fields of application damage to the dumbbells are possible!
Exchange and guarantee are also excluded in this case!
Application-related exposure limits, please refer to the following table!

Type of load transfer  Maximum weight loading of the barbell     example exercise
Width grip width: 700 KG     Bench press
Mean grip width: 600 KG     deadlift
middle / narrow grip width:     500 KG     squats


Fitness:  YES
Strength Training:  YES
Weightlifting / Powerlifting:  YES


ATX® offers world class, tested and proven equipment for professional use.
The ATX ® barbell bars pass through a German independent testing laboratory following material tests:

  • Tensile test acc. DIN EN ISO 6892-1
    Tensile test acc. To DIN EN ISO 6892-1
  • Rockwell hardness gem. DIN EN ISO 6508-1
    Hardness Rockwell acc. DIN EN ISO 6508-1The barbell has the following values:
    tensile strength (Tesile Strength): 206000 psi = 206 K (K / NSI = kilo pounds per square inch) = / corresponds to 1420 N / mm2 HRC / surface hardness: 44.0

The ATX ® Power bar’s are made of alloyed special steel / spring steel precision-crafted barbell bars in the high-end finish, the rods have an extremely high train and compressive strength with the necessary elasticity.
Thus, the rods can be deformed to a certain voltage (elastic limit),
to thereafter without return elastically to its initial state permanent deformation.
Decisive for this is the optimum quality alloy of among others chromium, molybdenum, silicon, manganese.
Whether for weight lifting – or powerlifting, ATX ® barbell bars keep even the most extreme requirements stood and thus highest requirements.

Papildu informācija

Svars 20 kg
Izmēri 220 cm

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