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ATX® krāsaini gumijoti “Bumper” tipa svaru diski – cena par kg.


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ATX® krāsaini gumijoti “Bumper” tipa svaru diski – cena par kg.

  • Pieejamie svaru nomināli: 10, 15, 20, 25 kg.

ATX ® Color Full Rubber Bumper Plates – weight plates

Whether for powerlifting, weightlifting or functional fitness – the ATX ®  Color Full Rubber Bumper Plates / weight plates meet the highest demands. Due to the first-class rubber quality, the weight plates have excellent impact and absorption properties. The flanged and highly pressed metal inner ring ensures quick and safe handling.

* tested with over 20,000 drops

All benefits at a glance: 

  • first class rubber quality with excellent impact absorption in the international color code
  • Natural rubber, fade resistant and abrasion resistant
  • with flanged metal inner ring; Ø 50.8 mm
  • with vulcanized KG information and ATX ® logo
  • Weight plate diameter: 450 mm
  • Color: according to international color code

Application: powerlifting, weightlifting, functional fitness

Due to the first-class quality and the excellent impact / absorption properties, it can be dropped on various surfaces. We recommend using a protective covering of at least 10 mm thickness to protect the equipment.

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