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4-rokturu melni gumijoti svaru diski Ø50 mm ar Megatec® logo - cena par kg


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4-rokturu melni gumijoti svaru diski Ø50 mm ar Megatec® logo – cena par kg

High quality rubberized weight plates with 4 openings in top finish – with ATX ® logo

The 4-grip weight plates made of fine-pored cast iron with thick, high-quality rubber coating are versatile. The black rubber coating is scratch-resistant, protects the floor and minimizes noise, the ATX logo is made of scratch-resistant plastic.
The crimped inner ring made of stainless steel allows quick and safe loading and unloading of strength equipment and dumbbell bars. In addition, various exercises are possible directly with the weight plate, such as front raises, pull-ups, side raises, shrugs and extensive core exercises. An all-round usable weight plate suitable for all commercially available weight bars or equipment with a 50 mm weight plate holder.

All benefits at a glance: 

  • Inner core made of fine-pored cast, with thick, robust rubber coating
  • Rubber according to the latest REACH standard – tested for harmful substances
  • with 4-way handgrip, for safe and professional handling
  • soft, rounded outer edges, openings with anti-slip relief
  • Insensitive to scratches and bumps
  • gentle on the floor and low in noise
  • Mounting / inner ring Ø approx. 50.8 mm – made of stainless steel
  • the inner ring is crimped in one piece, this ensures a safe and secure
    fit of the inner ring and quick and safe loading / unloading of the weight plate holders
  • Suitable for all dumbbell bars / recordings Ø 50 mm
  • Color: Black
  • with ATX ®  logo

If you would like this weight plate model with your individual logo, please click here for item number 50-LG-CL-

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