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Poliuretāna hanteļu komplekts ATX® PUD-ATX 12,5-25kg (225kg) 6 pāri


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Poliuretāna hanteļu komplekts ATX® PUD-ATX 12,5-25kg (225kg) 6 pāri

Poliuretāna hanteļu komplekts ATX® PUD-ATX 12,5-25kg (225kg) 6 pāri

Our polyurethane-coated dumbbells from the ATX ® series are based on the latest technology in dumbbell production.
Polyurethane (PUR or PU) is a special plastic from the urethane group.
The high-quality polyurethane mixture of our dumbbells has an optimal degree of hardness with elastic properties at the same time,
so the PU coating has an extremely high tear resistance and is extremely insensitive and resistant to impacts, abrasion, scratches or flaking.

The top design with a high-end finish ensures perfect handling at all times.
The dumbbells are made entirely of solid steel – not cast! – manufactured and are not detachable,
coated with hard-wearing urethane and welded-in logo.
The dumbbells are very durable even with constant use.
The matted silk surface is colourfast and resistant to color fading.
Furthermore, the material does not form any vapors / odors and is absolutely odorless.
A real high-tech dumbbell in a top design
  • Dumbbells in HQ finish
  • smallest weight deviation
  • made from the highest quality components
  • Solid steel dumbbell, mechanically connected and welded to one component – not detachable!
  • high-strength, tear-resistant polyurethane coating
  • Logo lasered – then encapsulated and welded
  • with integrated KG information
  • classic straight handle shape
  • precise and easy-grip knurling – hard chrome-plated
  • Handle Ø 32 mm
  • Inner handle dimensions: 142 mm
  • Color: black / chrome
  • available in sizes 2.5 – 50 kg, gradation 2.5 kg and 55 kg / 60 kg
  • Pricing per piece

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