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2x2kg vinila hanteles 4Fizjo



2x2kg vinila hanteles 4Fizjo

  • Materiāls: čuguns
  • Apvalks: vinils
  • Svars: 4kg
  • Krāsa: Zila
  • Ražotājs:  4FIZJO

What does exercise with this form of weight give you?

4FIZJO dumbbells can be used during work, strength training, martial arts and even during everyday activities. You decide how much you want to get tired and how long the training will be;). Weights are suitable for the development of dynamics, strength and endurance, and helps to burn calories.

Technical description:

  • An effective and practical exercise tool
  • It improves dynamics, endurance and strength
  • It helps you burn extra calories
  • It helps to reduce fat
  • Perfect for outdoor training, combat sports, everyday wear and other activities

The package contains 2 pieces of weights

Practical and comfortable  – the dumbbells have a non-slip coating and are contoured which ensures

very comfortable grip. They are small, so they are easy to store and take in

journey. Due to the fact that they are made of cast iron and covered with a neoprene layer, they do not absorb sweat

and moisture, therefore it is easy to keep them clean.

Safe for the floor –  Neoprene coating protects the floor from scratches, and a square one

the shape of the dumbbells prevents rolling on the floor, which increases the safety of exercise


Use pull-on weights during rehabilitation.

Every physiotherapist knows how useful weights and dumbbells are when recovering from operations or injuries.

Firming the body!

Weights are also a simple way to tone your body. This is why this type of equipment is more often chosen by ladies. Small dumbbells used during exercises allow you to fully focus on the technique of the exercise. By using the weights, you will quickly see a firming effect and your silhouette will gain a new look.

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