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Trenažieri - Statīvs Megatec MT-HR-10



Statīvs Megatec MT-HR-10

Compact Half Rack from the new MegaTec Series

Modular extension to complete home gym with lat and Multibank

Heavy-duty half-rack for professional execution. Excellent for training with weights.
This rack is in connection with the MegaTec Multibank , a Latzuganbau and a dumbbell set a complete
home gym in a small space. Varied training routines with a variety of exercise variations
are easily implemented.

  • Stable and space-saving design with only 96 cm overall depth.
  • Frame construction of robust 60 x 60 mm steel pipe profile.
  • Sure, hard durable and easy to handle.
  • Varied exercise options, such as negative bench press *, Bench Press * Incline Bench Press *
    neck press *, squats, etc. (* in connection with the MegaTec Multibank and a dumbbell set).
  • Heavy duty dumbbell rack hooks with durable rubber cover to protect the dumbbell and for more comfort
    by minimizing noise at weaning the bar, resilient up to 250 kg.
  • 26-fold in height, in fine 50 mm grid of scaling for ease of positioning.
  • Easy to use Notablagen with 10 mm thick rubber pad and a display of 30 cm,
    available for all exercises from negative bench press over squat to shoulder presses, loads up to 250 kg.
  • Versatile multi-grip pull-up station with useful and effective types of handle and a grip width of 110 cm.
  • 2 pieces of 30 mm diameter mandrels filing for weight plates, optional 50mm available in Ø
    (Tip: Order the  adapter for  Ø 50 mm  just directly).
  • Total load of about 500 kg Half Rack.
  • With protective feet, floor-saving and non-slip.

To extend the Half-rack use is MegaTec Multibank ( MT-MB-10 ) is required, as these specially
designed to match the slim profile of this multi-press.
Both products together provide an always optimal functionality.

Scope of supply:
The dumbbells and weight plates shown are extra paid services and not included!
Multibank and pictured the Latzugmaschine are extra paid services and not included!

Papildu informācija

Svars 53 kg
Izmēri 96 × 121 × 212 cm

Megatec (Vācija)

Maksimālā celtspēja

500 kg

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