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Spēka rāmis ATX® PRX-710-CFG


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Spēka rāmis ATX® PRX-710-CFG

  • Komplektā iekļauti drošības ķērāji ATX-PPS-70

ATX ® Power Rack PRX- 710 CFG – height 195 cm

with the optional choice between various notepads.

The ATX Power Rack PRX-710 is an extremely massive and stable power rack. The heavy-duty J-hooks made of 10 mm thick strip steel, which are included in the scope of delivery, are full-protected for optimal protection of the barbell. The Multi-Grip chin-up bar offers numerous handle variants with a handle diameter of 27 mm as well as with the integrated fat bar with 42.5 mm diameter. With its torsion-free design, resulting from the use of 70 x 70 x 2 mm thick profile steel tubes and reinforced gusset plates, this rack can be loaded with up to 800 kg! Due to the generous set-up dimensions of 123 cm wide and 159 cm deep as well as the high dead weight of 96.2 kg, the rack is very stable and offers a comfortable interior. With a height of 195 cm, the Power Rack is especially designed for rooms with low ceilings. The posts with 29 holes are provided with engraved numbers on the inside and outside, this allows precise and quick positioning of the J-hooks and notepads. Additional perforations in the bottom struts allow the attachment of band pegs for trainingResistance bands . A large selection of optional accessories such as lat pull stations, dip bars, jammer arms, T-bar rows, band pegs, safety straps, utility boards or landmines is also available.

A perfectly designed power rack with first-class workmanship, manufactured according to the highest quality standards and certified according to EN 20957 I. II. IV-S

Equipped as standard with 2 heavy-duty J-hooks, you can buy your preferred notepads depending on your requirements. There are two different variants to choose from, which are shown to you depending on the availability for multiple selection:

Pin-Pipes Safety- ATX-PPS-70   – for maximum quick handling

Flip-down Spotter- ATX-FDSS-70   – for maximum Resilience


Quality Products Designed in Germany – Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S

  • Comfortable, very stable dimensions – width 123 cm x depth 159 cm
  • 195 cm installation height, ideal for rooms with low ceilings
  • torsion-free, stable construction made of 70 x 70 x 2 mm thick profile steel tube with reinforced gusset plates
  • heavy duty – up to 800 kg
  • 29 holes / position heights
  • with engraved position numbers, for an exact and quick positioning of the J-hooks and notepads
  • including 1 pair of J-hooks, made of 10 mm thick strip steel + 10 mm thick rubber protectors to protect the barbell and to minimize noise
  • including multi-grip pull-up bar – with numerous handle variants Ø 27 mm – knurled for easy grip, and an additionally integrated fat bar Ø 42.5 mm
  • with perforations in the bottom struts, enables the attachment of band pegs for training with resistance bands
  • with rubberized protective feet, floor-protecting and non-slip
  • expandable with a variety of first-class options

The illustrated barbell bars and weight plates are not included in the scope of delivery!

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