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Sienas statīvs svaru stienim ATX® ATX-HRW-820



Sienas statīvs svaru stienim ATX® ATX-HRW-820

  • Ar drošības ķērājiem un fiksatoriem.

This ATX ® Half Rack sets standards when it comes to the toughest training units in the home gym.
With its height of 220 cm, it should fit into most living rooms from the ceiling height. Thanks to its space-saving depth of only 58 cm, there is enough usable space left in an average-sized room. The extremely stable post dimensions of 80 x 80 x 3.0 mm of the heavy-duty ATX series 800 meet professional requirements, so this half rack is also certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV – S for studio use.

Such a massive half rack, in this professional quality, you may not have seen in a home gym.

The vertical rack posts correspond structurally to the ATX® ” 4-Direction Uprights”, these form the core of every ATX® 4.0 RIG system . The innovative post system offers an unmatched wide range of applications that is unmatched on the market. The posts are designed the same on all four sides, this applies to the breadboard as well as the scaling on all four sides. With these posts there is no difference between front and back, or right and left. The ATX® 4D Upright can therefore be installed in any orientation and can be used equally without restriction from all four sides. The EU manufacturing process using laser cutting guarantees a consistently high quality of the posts.

Thanks to its selection of optional accessories, you can put together your personal training center with this ATX ® Half Rack in the basement or in another room with a low ceiling height, in absolutely professional ATX ® quality. By using the 4D posts, the range of accessories for our racks for the 800 series is expanded to include the selection of ATX ® Rig accessories and components .

  • Compact ATX ® Wall Rack / Half Rack – for wall mounting – particularly suitable for ceiling heights in living rooms
  • with vertical ATX ® 4D posts
  • Made in Europe
  • Offers optimal training conditions for heavy basic exercises (e.g. squats)
  • Space-saving half rack for wall mounting (only 58 cm deep)
  • Including pull-up bar for high training loads up to 350 kg
  • Continuous hole pattern – drilling Ø 21 mm
  • Heavy load up to 600 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Optionally expandable with many other accessories

Tip : You need 30 mm spanner / socket wrench to assemble the half rack components. We offer these as accessories below if your tool inventory does not contain this size.


  • We only offer the 4D posts of the Half Rack in black. In contrast to the other offers with ATX ® 4D Rig Posts , there is no color selection available here.
  • ATX ® Half Racks of the 800 series must be firmly screwed to the floor / wall!
  • The ATX ® Half Racks are delivered without the necessary dowels and screws for mounting on the floor and / or wall! For safe wall mounting, your existing building structure and the selected mounting materials must match. Please ask your specialist dealer for assembly materials for advice if necessary.
The illustrated barbell bars and weight plates are not included in the scope of delivery!

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