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Sols spiešanai guļus ATX-OBX-700


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Sols spiešanai guļus ATX-OBX-700

The ATX ® flat bench is a professional flat bench. Thanks to the gusset plates welded on both sides, the handle bench is extremely robust and can be loaded up to 500 kg! The notepads with extra wide storage space ensure optimal safety during training. Dumbbell racks and not racks can be adjusted exactly to the required height and are protective sheathed. Built from sturdy 70 x 70 x 3 mm profile steel tubes, the bench can withstand high continuous loads without any problems.

  • Robust and stable
  • Made of sturdy 70 x 70 x 3 mm thick profile steel tube with double-sided gusset plates
  • Heavy duty – up to 500 kg
  • High safety reserves
  • Dumbbell rack and emergency racks with rubber protectors to protect the knurling of the barbell and to dampen noise
  • Rubberized feet ensure a non-slip stand
  • Height of the lying surface 44 cm
  • maximum grip width 111 cm
  • Dumbbell rack 12-way adjustable in height in a 25 mm grid
  • Notablings 11-fold adjustable in height in a 25 mm grid
  • Extra wide projection of the notepads – 50 cm
  • Unroll stop for emergency racks, prevents the barbell from slipping between emergency racks and support post
  • With scaling of the dumbbell and not racks for easy reproduction of the set heights
  • Suitable for barbell bars with a maximum handle thickness of 50 mm and a handle width of at least 130 cm
  • With additional mounting holes for attaching hinge bolts for training with resistance bands
  • Quality Products Designed in Germany
  • Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S

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