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Treniņu stacija Multiplex ATX®


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Treniņu stacija Multiplex ATX®

ATX ® Multiplex Workout Station – expandable in many ways: Multifunctional all-round talent that guarantees you 100% gym feeling!

  • Train professionally, diversely & effectively – studio-certified quality!
  • 5-in-1 workout station with lever arm multi press, lat pulldown, leg station, dip bars & multi bank
  • Can be used by four people at the same time – ideal for associations, clubs, hotels and the home gym
  • Extremely resilient – perfect for serious strength training without compromise

The ATX ® Multiplex Workout Station is truly a superlative training device – in certified studio quality !

The multifunctional 5-in-1 workout station combines five fundamental training stations in just one training device: Lever-arm multi press, lat pulldown, leg training station, dip bars and a multi-bench! In plain language: You have a gigantic range of exercises available to effectively build up more strength and muscle mass !

Due to its versatile functionalities, the ATX ® Multiplex Workout Station leaves almost nothing to be desired and is perfect for varied training at a high level – and not only in the home gym! The ingenious system allows up to four people to train at the same time , which is why the workout station is also ideal for use in hotel gyms, clubs, clubs or fitness studios.

An excellent biomechanics , the perfect training ergonomics and high load limits (see. Datasheet right) take care of your exceptional training experience with 100% gym feeling!

Perfect the workout station according to your wishes – various mounting options leave almost nothing to be desired (see “Accessories” below)!

– Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S –

– Quality Products Designed in Germany –

More product details:

  • Stable construction in a compact design
  • Simple and comfortable handling with optimal biomechanics
  • Safe, stable and stable
  • With Ø 30 mm weight plate holder as standard, optionally available for Ø 50 mm
  • (Tip: Order the adapter for Ø 50 mm / Art.-No .: BB-OA-250-PVC directly at the same time)
  • With protective feet, gentle on the floor and non-slip

The individual components at a glance:

Lever arm multipress station

  • Alternating lever arms and therefore ideal for your even muscle and strength development! Incl. 2 handle variants – maximum handle width 98 cm
  • 11-fold adjustment options in a fine grid – adjust the training device perfectly to your needs!
  • Lever arms with 4 ball bearings for your optimal training feeling!
  • Device for attaching resistance bands so that you can make your training more intense and varied.
  • Excellent biomechanics, ideally suited for performing fundamental exercises such as flat bench
    presses, incline bench presses, neck presses, negative bench presses and other exercises
  • Loadable up to 250 kg (2 x 125 kg)

Lat pull station

  • Quick & uncomplicated weight adjustment thanks to precision plug-in weights – guide plate with 4 slide bearings
  • Diverse exercise options thanks to the upper and lower pulley function – can be used without modification
  • Weight ratio 1: 1 – no pulley effect!
  • Silky smooth running properties thanks to chrome-plated Ø 25 mm precision guide rods and ball-bearing pulleys = maximum training feeling without annoying jerking and tilting!
  • Highly flexible, stretch-free steel ropes with black plastic sheathing
  • Generous 100 kg weight magazine in 5 kg increments for your heavy strength training
  • 2.5 kg additional weight for a finer weight graduation so that you always find the optimal training weight!
  • With additional holder for attaching weight plates to increase weight for maximum training stimuli!
  • With a device for attaching resistance bands to bring more intensity and variety to your workout
  • Swiveling seat for your unrestricted access to the lower cable pull
  • Adjustable leg clamp – not a “one-size-fits-all” solution!
  • Stand plates and footrest for your secure stance and hold during pulling exercises over the lower pulley
  • Ideally suited for training the back, shoulder, arm and chest muscles
  • Loadable up to 180 kg

Leg training station

  • Ideally suited for training the thigh and calf muscles
  • Maximum training comfort thanks to optimal ergonomics as well as simple and comfortable handling
  • Exercise that is easy on the back thanks to a stable posture
  • Thanks to the notepad, you can train safely at your performance limit – quickly and easily adjustable to two different heights
  • Locking system with one-hand operation for your optimal START-STOP position
  • Two clamping plates allow you to carry out variable exercises through different foot positions for varied training stimuli!
  • Effective calf training without modification thanks to the integrated calf block
  • Device for attaching resistance bands for more training intensity & maximum variety!
  • Ball-bearing lever arm with comfortable padding guarantees you a high level of comfort during the exercise
  • Loadable up to 200 kg

Dips station

  • Solid dip bars for training chest, triceps and shoulder muscles
  • Exercise extremely difficult – even with additional weight thanks to sturdy Ø 45 mm bars that can take loads of up to 250 kg!
  • With a device for attaching resistance bands to maximize training stimuli!

Multibank RAS 

  • Safe, extremely variable, comfortable and super stable
  • Optimal ergonomics and easy handling
  • Can be used independently, quick and easy positioning on the multi-gym
  • Find your optimal training position: the backrest can be tilted 15 times (from -10 ° (negative) to 82 °) & the seat can be adjusted 3 times
  • Thanks to the Roller Adjustment System (RAS), the bench is always automatically in
    the correct position to the dumbbell after the incline has been adjusted, without the bench having to be moved additionally. The bench is practically only aligned once on the dumbbell rack and can then remain in this position for all exercises from negative to neck presses.
  • The seat height is reduced by up to 10 cm depending on the angle of inclination of the backrest. The lower seat height offers more safety and optimal handling for the incline bench and neck press as well as for various dumbbell exercises.
  • With swiveling reinforcement strut for the heaviest loads in the flat position
  • Extremely stable frame construction
  • Loadable up to 400 kg
  • With front tube adapter to accommodate various optionally available accessory devices (see below) for legs, chest, arms, shoulders and stomach
  • Including transport rollers and swivel handle for quick and convenient positioning of the bench
  • With protective feet, gentle on the floor and non-slip

Scope of delivery:

  • ATX-MSX-690 ATX ® Multiplex Workstation incl. Multibank

Optional accessories shown – weight plates, handles, tie rods and resistance bands are extras that are subject to a surcharge and are not included in the scope of delivery!

Delivery in cardboard packaging – disassembled –

Dimensions and weights:

Workout station

  • Depth: 198 cm
  • Width: 215 cm -323 cm (without / with multibank)
  • Height: 214 cm
  • Weight: approx. 280 kg


  • Length: approx. 149 cm
  • Width: approx. 76 cm
  • Height: approx. 45 cm – 112 cm
  • Weight: approx. 46 kg

Dimensions of the Multibank padding:

  • Backrest: length x width 80 cm x 24 cm / 31 cm
  • Upholstery total length: 121 cm

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