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Trenažieri - Smita mašīna Megatec ar muguras bloka opciju


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Smita mašīna Megatec ar muguras bloka opciju

Versatile multi-press with Latzuganbau from the new MegaTec ® series

Heavy-duty multi-press with Latzuganbau. Equally suitable for safe exercise with the guided
barbell as well as for the free barbell training. This rack system, in conjunction with the MegaTec ® multi-bank
and a dumbbell set a complete home gym in a small space. Varied training routines
with a variety of exercise variations are easily implemented.

– Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class H –

Multi Press

  • Multi-press and free-rack in one, allowing secure training with the barbell out of the multi-press,
    and the free barbell training
  • Stable and space-saving design with only 139 cm overall depth
  • Frame construction of robust 60 x 60 mm steel pipe profile
  • Varied exercise options, such as negative bench press *, Bench Press * Incline Bench Press *
    neck press *, squats, etc. (* in connection with the MegaTec ® multi-bank and a dumbbell set)
  • Multi press with easy and quiet running sliding bearings on chrome 25 mm diameter solid steel shafts
    knurled barbell with safety hook to lock the bar in 10 different heights
    maximum grip width 110 cm
  • Heavy duty dumbbell basket hooks for the free dumbbell training, a rugged rubber cover to protect the dumbbell
    , and for more comfort by minimizing noise when placing the weight, load up to 250 kg, 25 times in the
    adjustable height, mm in fine 50 grid with scaling for ease of positioning, at the same time as an additional
    available Notablage for the multi-press, characterized double security when exercising with the multi-press
  • Versatile multi-grip pull-up station with useful and effective types of handle and a grip width of 110 cm
  • Weight Plate recording standard 30 mm diameter and 50 mm diameter available in optional
  • Total load of the rack 250 kg


  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Varied exercise possibilities by upper and lower Zugrollenfunktion, available without reconstruction
  • Weight ratio 1: 1 – no pulley effect!
  • The weight stack is equipped with 4 slide, chrome Ø 25 mm precision guide rods
    and ball-bearing pulleys provide excellent running properties, without jerking and tilting
  • Highly flexible, expansion steel rope with black plastic coating
  • Adjustable leg clamp
  • Ideally suited for training the back muscles, shoulder muscles, arm muscles and chest muscles
  • Weight Plate recording standard 30 mm diameter, 50 mm option available in Ø
    (Tip: Order the adapters for Ø 50 mm (Product: BB-OA-250-PVC ) just directly)
  • Load capacity 160 kg lat
  • With protective feet, floor-saving and non-slip


The weights shown, weight plates, handles and pull rods are extra paid
extras and not included!
The multibank shown an extra charge and is not included! 
Delivery in cardboard package
  – split – shipping pallet by freight
delivery with prior telephone Avis by the forwarding

Dimensions &. weights:

  • Depth: 139 cm
  • Width: 200 cm
  • Height: 215 cm
  • Weight: approx 127 kg


multi-press: 200 kg
dumbbell rack hook: 250 kg
pull-up station: 200 kg
lat: 160 kg

To extend the multi-press use isMegaTec Multibank(MT-MB-10) is required, as these
specifically to match the slim profile of this multi-press was designed.
Both products together provide an always optimal functionality. Color:  Jet Black


Papildu informācija

Svars 85 kg
Izmēri 111 × 121 × 215 cm

Megatec (Vācija)

Maksimālā celtspēja

250 kg

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