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Daudzfunkcionālais trošu trenažieris Megatec



Daudzfunkcionālais trošu trenažieris Megatec

Multifunctional Kabelzugstation with dumbbell weight recording and integrated pull-up station.

This compact Multizugstation offers a variety of cable exercises.
Two side-mounted in height adjustable steering roller units and a central bottom pull roller positioned offer 
a variety of exercise options, such as Cable Cross, lat pulldowns, seated rowing, Trizepdrücken, Bizep curls, 
shrugs and leg exercises with foot strap can be carried comfortably. 
In Lieferumpfang a complete 5-piece handle set is already included.
More training opportunities offered by the integrated multi-grip pull-up station.
The unit comes standard suitable for weight plates with an intake of 30 mm and 50 mm!

  • Compact with a small footprint Multizugstation
  • Made of sturdy 60 mm tubular steel profile
  • Ball-bearing pulleys
  • Strain Free PVC coated steel cable
  • Two side steering roller units – independently or simultaneously utilized
    18-fold in 10 cm height adjustable
  • A bottom center attached drawing roller for rowing and pull exercises,
    with attachable footrest
  • Weight for weight plate carriage recording
    standard for weight plates with 30 mm diameter and 50 mm diameter receiving hole suitable (delivery incl. 2 Adapter Ø 50 mm + 2 spring-locks)
    length of the weight plate shots / adapter per 21 cm
  • MultiGrip pull-up station, width 100 cm, rubber coated handles – Ø 35 mm
  • with illustrated Training Panel
  • incl. 5-piece handle set
  • The package includes:
    • compact Multizugstation
    • incl. Training board with fine exercise instructions
    • incl. removable footrest
    • with integrated multi-chin-up bar
    • Incl. 5-piece handle set:
    • 2 x one-hand handles
    • 1 x Trizepgriff straight, L – 36 cm
    • 1 x One-hand handle of the hammer, L – 30 cm
    • 1 x drawbar length, L – 130 cm
    • 2 Adapter for weight plate holder Ø 50 mm
    • 2 x 50 mm Ø Federverschlüße
    • X 2 chains for tensile elongation, L – per 30 cm
    • 5 carabiner

Another useful accessories can be found instantly when you click on the selection “Accessories” at the top right of the “Description”!

Dimensions &. weights:

Width: 175 cm
Depth: 150 cm
Height: 212 cm
Weight: 94 kg
Color: Black


150 KG


Heavy Duty Multi Zugapparat
Art.Nr .: HD-FCT-900

The weight plates imaged, weight bench, rowing seat and foot straps are extra-paid services and not included!

Delivery is disassembled for self-assembly – delivery on pallet by freight carrier to curb.
Delivery with prior telephone Avis by the shipping company.

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