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Brīvi stāvošs funkcionālais trenažieris ATX®ATX-FTF-1700



Brīvi stāvošs funkcionālais trenažieris ATX® ATX-FTF-1700

Extremely versatile and compact functional trainer

This free-standing multifunctional pulling station enables a multitude of exercise variants – and that in the tightest of spaces!
The device with the lever arms can be adjusted 12 times in height – the lever arms can also be vertically adjusted 10 times, which means that over 100 different starting / pulling positions can be set. With the 4 handles included in the scope of delivery, you can easily create a complete workout program. The weight is adjusted in fine 5 kg increments via the integrated 80 kg weight block. The lever arms are set comfortably and easily using a sophisticated adjustment mechanism. The snap-in and height-adjustable cross handle and the footrests firmly attached at the bottom ensure stable and secure positioning during various exercises. The weight block system enables further exercise variants, the pulling function is blocked, with the long grip straps supplied you can now – similar to a sling trainer / suspension trainer – carry out exercises with your own body weight.

The device is extremely stable and processed very cleanly. Lever arms and rollers are ball-bearing and
guarantee a silky smooth, jolt- free function. From tight pulling exercises to cable crossovers, this device enables a wide range of exercises. An extremely versatile device in excellent quality – functional strength training for physiotherapy, in professional practice, in the home gym or in the studio!


  • very stable and compact design
  • comfortable adjustment of the lever arms
  • clean, jerk-free running properties
  • extensive range of exercises
  • incl. 2 short single-handed handles, 2 long single-handed handles, incl. snap hooks
  • With safety protective cover and exercise board
  • With 80 kg plug-in weights, 16 x 5 kg increments, with a ratio of 1: 2 for use on both sides, 1: 4 for use on one side
  • swiveling lever arms with 10 different setting positions – swivel range 180 °
  • 12 different vertical height settings
  • Pulling height: xxx cm max.
  • Train width: 144 cm

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