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Muguras opcija ATX® ATX-LTO-520



Muguras opcija ATX® ATX-LTO-520

Plate Load lat pull-down extension option for expanding our equipment –

ATX ® Power Rack – PRX-520
ATX ® Power Rack – PRX-620
ATX ® Power Rack – PRX-720
ATX ® Power Rack – PRX-650

The ATX-LTO-520 lat pulldown device is an inexpensive, yet highly functional lat pulldown option with a weight plate mount for attachment to the equipment mentioned above.
Despite the light construction, the device is very robust and can be loaded up to 140 kg! Due to the direct weight ratio of 1:1 there is no loss of load/no pulley effect! Pulling exercises can be performed using the upper and lower pulley without conversion. The weight carriage runs over a chrome-plated square tube and is equipped with special slide rails, the rope pulleys have ball bearings and the plastic-coated steel ropes are stretch-free, which ensures smooth and jerk-free running. The pre-tensioning of the pull ropes can be precisely adjusted via the deflection pulley unit. Two brace plates for supporting your feet during seated rowing exercises are also included in the scope of delivery, as is an extension chain for attaching various pull handles.BB-OA-250-PVC )

Quality Products Designed in Germany – Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class H

  • Heavy duty – up to 140 kg
  • no loss of load due to direct weight ratio 1:1
  • Upper and lower pulley can be used without modification
  • Good jerk-free running properties thanks to slide rail guidance and ball-bearing pulleys
  • Stretch-free steel cables with black plastic protective coating
  • incl. foot plates for support when rowing seated
  • incl. extension chain for attaching various pull handles and for setting the optimal pull position
  • including 3 snap hooks
  • Weight plate holder standard Ø 30 mm x L 21.5 cm, optionally with our adapters (article: BB-OA-250-PVC ) to Ø 50 mm can be easily and quickly upgraded
  • The stretched dimension is 203 cm (height from floor to eyelet/upper roller)
  • Total height 218 cm
brand ATX
series 500
category Accessories / options
delivery unit piece
resilience 140kg
empty field
plug-in weights
Weight plate holder 30 mm standard
optional 50mm Yes
empty field
lifting dimension 161 cm
extension 203 cm
empty field
Furnishing: Incl.
footrest steel sheets
knee pads
empty field
height 218 cm
material 60x60x2mm
own weight 22kg
colour Black satin fine structure
certification EN 20957 I.II.IV – H

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