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Trenažieri - Sols spiešanai guļus ATX PBR



Sols spiešanai guļus ATX PBR

The ATX ® Power Bench Rack is designed specifically for professional athletes and is the ideal bench press station for use in powerlifting in Crossfit clubs, gyms and clubs.
A simple and safe handling and robust construction with the resulting maximum safety reserves make the ATX ® – Power Bench Rack is the ideal power unit for professional athletes.
Other advantages include the compact design, the robust design, the excellent quality and an excellent price-performance ratio.

– Quality Products Designed in Germany –

  • Certificate EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S.
  • Variable usable bench press station.
  • High functionality; easy to use.
  • Secure and absolutely Stable despite the compact design.
  • Massive, heavy duty frame construction, made of hollow steel profiles robust 8 cm with 3 mm wall thickness.
  • Post with holes in a 5 cm distance, with scaling for reproducibly positioning the J-hooks and Notablagen.
  • Total load of the rack 600 kg.
  • Safety cage with a comfortable 75 cm in depth – suitable for all ATX J-hooks and Notablagen.
  • Height of the platform 45 cm – whether the standard upholstery or ATX FAT PAD is used *.
  • Including screwed Spotter decks – as platforms for assistance.
  • Mounting options for hinge bolts (optional accessory) offer the possibility of resistance bands to train.
  • Fats rubber bases – for solid state and to protect the floor.

* When using the ATX FAT PAD (accessory), the bank can be converted screwed, so that maintaining the height of the platform of 45 cm.

The necessary for the use of bank J-hooks and Notablagen are not included and must be ordered separately!
Another useful accessories can be found instantly when you click on the selection “Accessories” at the top right of the “Description”!

Dimensions &. weights:

  • Depth: 124 cm
  • Width: 136 cm
  • Height: 144 cm
  • Weight: 131 KG
  • Lying surface dimension: 30 cm width / length 122 cm


Total load rack: 600 KG



ATX Power Bench Rack
Item No .: ATX-PBR

The weights shown, weight plates, resistance bands and hinge bolts are extra paid services and not included!
What is depicted Fat Pad is not included!
J-hooks and Notablagen are not included and must be ordered separately!

The inner dimension (handle length) to be usedbarbell must be at least 125 cmbe!

Delivery disassembled for self-assembly – delivery on pallet by freight
delivery with prior telephone Avis by the shipping company

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