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Trenažieri - Smita mašīna ATX-SCR-760-PL


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Smita mašīna

Smita mašīna ATX-SCR-760-PL


  • Free Rack & Multi Press: Strongly resilient for your heavy training – certified studio quality!
  • You can train in a variety of ways on the cable thanks to the height-adjustable duo pulling device
  • Multi-grip pull-up station for your varied pull-up workout
  • Ideal for your safe training at the limit – including heavy-duty J-hooks and notepads

Are you looking for a multi-station that is really difficult to train at? The massively resilient ATX ® – Smith Cable Rack 760 – Plate Load in certified studio quality offers you the perfect training conditions to effectively maximize your strength values ​​and muscle building!

Complete fundamental basic exercises on the half rack and use the multiple height-adjustable and heavy-duty J-hooks & emergency racks to maximize your training comfort and a high level of protection. Alternatively, you can switch to the guided multi-press to train at the limit with maximum safety!

The duo pulling device , which is adjustable in height, enables you to do a large selection of cable exercises – thanks to the slide bearing guide, you can always train smoothly and without jerks and strain your muscles with optimal training stimuli. For even more variety in your workout, a heavy-duty multi-grip pull-up station is available, for which training with high additional weight is no problem either!

In plain language: With the compact  ATX ®  – Smith Cable Rack 760 – Plate Load, you can train as effectively as possible in the smallest of spaces!

– Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S –

– Quality Products Designed in Germany –

All advantages for your workout at a glance:

  • Compact in design & perfect in functionality for fast & safe handling
  • High and safe stability
  • Free dumbbell rack, including J-hooks and safety not racks with protective rubber coating – individually adjustable in height
  • Multi press with maintenance-free 4-fold linear ball bearings, silky smooth and jerk-free running properties; Linear guide on hardened Ø30 mm solid steel shafts
  • Duo pulling device Plate-Load, with slide bearing guide and height-adjustable pulling rollers for absolutely jerk-free and easy running; Slide with integrated maintenance-free slide bearings; Double-sided sliding shaft guide made of solid steel
  • Integrated multi-pull-up station, handle Ø 30 mm
  • Solid, thick-walled tubular steel construction with a wall thickness of 3 mm, heavy-duty – up to 500 kg
  • Individual adjustability of all start / end positions – easy and safe to use
  • With height-adjustable safety racks on the multi-press and the free dumbbell rack for a safe workout
  • Including scaling for quick and easy restoration of previously defined position heights
  • With rubber feet – gentle on the floor and non-slip!
  • Mounting options for optional  hinge bolts (item no .: BB-90-CLIP ) offer the option of using resistance bands to train
  • Weight plate holders with Ø 30 mm inner diameter as standard, optionally expandable to Ø 50 mm inner diameter


The inside dimension (grip width) of the barbell to be used must be at least 125 cm !

Resilience ::

Maximum load capacity total 600 kg
Load capacity multi-press maximum 300 kg
Load capacity J-CUPS (pair) maximum 300 kg
Load capacity emergency tray (pair) maximum 300 kg
Load capacity cable pull maximum 150 kg
Load capacity chin-up station maximum 250 kg
Load capacity free dumbbell rack / dumbbell rack: 500 kg

length 143 cm
broad 123/200 cm
height 230 cm
weight 270 kg

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