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Trenažieri - Smita mašīna Barbarian BBP-SDPR-GR-PL


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Smita mašīna Barbarian BBP-SDPR-GR-PL

Barbarian Line – Smith-Cable Rack

This Multi-Rack from Barbarian-Line includes three fundamental base stations in one device! 
Free Hantelrack and integrated multi-press with linear ball bearing guide plus Duo Zugapparat

The perfectly matched base stations provide an extensive range of exercise –
without modification – without compromise!

– Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S –

– Quality Products Designed in Germany –

  • free dumbbell rack, including J-hooks and safety Notablagen with protective rubber case
    individually often adjustable in height
  • Smith machine with maintenance-free linear bearings, silky smooth and quiet running characteristics
  • Duo Zugapparat Plate-Load with Gleitbuchsenführung and height-adjustable draw rolls
  • with integrated multi-pull-up station, handle Ø 30 mm
  • massive thick-walled tubular steel construction, heavy loads – up to 500 kg
  • adjustability of all starting / ending positions – simple and safe to handle
  • with height-adjustable safety Notablagen in the multi-press and the free Hantelrack,
    for a safe workout
  • with adjustment scales
  • compact design
  • perfect functionability
  • fast, easy and safe handling
  • Massive frame construction of robust profile steel tube with a 3 mm wall thickness
  • high and secure stability
  • with rubber feet, floor-saving and non-slip
  • Mounting options for hinge bolts (item no .: BB-90-CLIP ) offer the option of using resistance bands to train
  • Dumbbell recording standard with Ø 30 mm inner diameter, optionally on Ø 50 mm inner diameter expandable


The internal dimension (handle length) to be used barbell must be at least 125 cm be!

Recommended accessories:

The weight plate images can be expanded to Ø 50 mm internal diameter using the following adapter. What is needed then
4 pieces adapter 50 mm x 270 mm plastic (Item No .: BB-OA-180 PVC)
2 x adapter 50 mm x 365 mm plastic (Item No .: BB-OA-350 PVC )

Hinge bolts (Item No. BB-90-CLIP ) for training with resistance bands
Matching resistance bands (No. PB-L)

This and other useful accessories can be found immediately if the top right next to “Description” the selection point ” Accessories click”

capacity ::

Maximum load 600 kg total
capacity multi-press maximum 300 kg
load J-CUPS (pair) a maximum of 300 kg
loading capacity Notablage (pair) a maximum of 300 kg
loading capacity cable a maximum of 150 kg
loading capacity pull-up station a maximum of 250 kg

Dimensions &. weights:

Width: 123/200 cm
length / depth: 143 cm
Height: 230 cm
weight :. 260 KG
Color: Jet Black – matt / chrome

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