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Trenažieri - Belt Squat Machine - squats and dips machine ATX®


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Belt Squat Machine – squats and dips machine ATX® 

ATX ® Belt Squat Machine – squats and dips machine

The new ATX ® Belt Squat allows optimum training results in significantly reduced strain on back and knees over conventional squats training and equipment.
The advantage of the Belt Squat, that the upper body during training can be held fully upright, and the legs in an optimal position can be provided. Furthermore, the weight load is passed directly over the training belt from the waist to the leg muscles, causing the entire back and spine will be fully exonerated. By absolutely correct posture can be trained at the same time much more effectively with much lower weights.
A top device from the ATX ® With an unbeatable price / performance ratio – including Squat Belt / weight belt!

– Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S –
– Quality Products Designed in Germany –

Various possible exercises such as squats and variations, dips, rowing exercises
including Squat Belt / weight belt
Allows optimal posture while squats Training
Reduces the strain on your back and knees
Brings maximum results at much lower weights than the conventional squats Training
Extremely sturdy and heavy duty construction – absolutely stable and wobble-free
Simple and safe to use and handling
safe even with heavy weights to handle – lever with one hand operation
Holder for the training belt 5 positions in the depth
Handles 5-fold adjustable in height – easy reach a maximum of 82 cm
Dip bars quickly and safely latchable
Dumbbell shots each 40 cm long with a diameter of 50 mm in diameter – with special ATX ® stop buffers
Podium with comfortable 115 cm total width and 65 cm depth – from non-slip rubberized steel plates for safe and secure position

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