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Muguras bloks ar atsvariem ATX® ATX-LSW-750


Muguras bloks ar atsvariem ATX® ATX-LSW-750

Latzuggerät with 125 kg magazine from the new ATX ® series 

Classic Latzuggerät that is a must in any home studio.
The wide variety of exercises in conjunction with the high efficiency make this device indispensable.
In the version with plug-weights, the weight load can be changed very quickly and easily.

– Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class H –

– Quality Products Designed in Germany –

  • Robust construction and compact design
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Varied exercise possibilities by upper and lower Zugrollenfunktion, available without reconstruction
  • Weight ratio 1: 1 – No Flaschenzueffekt!
  • The guide plate with 4 slide, chrome Ø 25 mm precision guide rods and
    ball-bearing pulleys provide excellent running properties without jerking and tilting
  • Highly flexible, expansion steel rope with black plastic coating
  • 125 kg weight cartridge in 5 kg of gradation, for convenient and quick change of the training weight
  • Adjustable leg clamp
  • Stand plates and foot support for stability and grip when pulling exercises over the lower pulley
  • Ideally suited for training the back, shoulder, arm and chest muscles
  • Up to 150 kg
  • With protective feet, floor-saving and non-slip


  • MT-LM-SW-10 Latzuggerät stack Weight
  • Chain
  • carabiner

The weight plates imaged handles and pull rods are extra-paid services and not included!

Delivery in cardboard package – split – shipping pallet by freight
delivery with prior telephone Avis by the forwarding

Dimensions &. weights:

  • Length: 122 cm
  • Width: 66 cm
  • Height: 212 cm
  • Streckmaß from the top edge of the seat to mid lat bar: 146 cm
  • Weight: approx 175 kg

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