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First Degree Fluid PowerPress

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First Degree Fluid PowerPress

Piemērots profesionālai lietošanai.
Spēka trenažieris – ķermeņa augšdaļas (vēdera preses, tricepsu) un apakšdaļas (kāju apakšstilbu, augšstilbu) trenēšanai.
10 līmeņu ūdens pretestības sistēma – piemērota augstai slodzei.

A concentric power training device, FluidPowerPRESS is a commercial grade, fluid resistance squat press machine supporting full body power training by engaging all major muscle groups in a single motion.

Eliminating the eccentric phase of the lift, FluidPowerZone’s PRESS enables you to safely train technically challenging exercises by providing the means to practice Olympic style lifts without risk of being overwhelmed, intimidated or injured.

Encouraging high intensity, high volume workouts with limited recovery, FluidPowerPRESS offers 10 powerful levels of Fluid Resistance, allowing you to drive up and reach the top of a movement with no weight coming back down – letting you train as light or as heavy as you need.

Fitness products made by FDF are inspired by real life. From rowing a boat on water to running or cycling your favourite track, our designs are engineered to simulate exercise you’re passionate about. FDF Fluid Force, a unique water resistance technology, underpins our diverse range of full body fitness solutions. With Fluid Force you can row harder, train smarter and build strength faster. Designed and engineered to outperform all other rowing machines, our indoor water rowing machines offer a low impact, total body workout that can be adjusted to suit all fitness levels.

FDF indoor rowing machines not only burn fat and serious calories, they offer a challenge for every level of fitness. Thanks to Fluid Force technology, you can select a resistance level to suit your fitness goal; our range of FDF ergometer rowing machines are built for home gyms, commercial training facilities and med-rehab purposes.

Distributed in every continent across the globe, our FluidRower, FluidPowerZone and ergometer ranges are loved by athletes, sports trainers, medical professionals and health conscious individuals. We’re passionate about our brand and we stand behind the craftsmanship of every fitness machine we make.

Your motivation drives our innovation.

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