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Smaguma soma ar maināmu svaru Hastings Pro large


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Smaguma soma ar maināmu svaru Hastings Pro large

Training with a Sandbag (also known as a Power Bag) is a very effective way to improve your strength. It has many similarities with kettlebell training. It combines both strength and endurance.

What you can accomplish by training with a Sandbag:
  • More muscles
  • Greater explosive power
  • Improved stability
  • Better mobility
  • Greater stamina

An important feature of a Sandbag is that the center of gravity of the weight in the bag can move during the workout. The result is that you have to correct your posture. This will help you end up using more muscles while doing this workout.

  • Made of “Nylon Cordura” with double stitching. General characteristic of this fabric is it’s resistance to heavy load.
  • With 4 separate filling bags (82x24cm) and can be filled with the desired amount of sand.
  • Equipped with 6 handles for various training possibilities.
  • Extra strong zipper with wide Hook and Loop fastener.
  • Ideal training tool for example bootcamp workouts.
  • The handles are attached on positions which enables a neutral grip, horizontal grip and wide grip.
  • Maximum filling capacity is 50kg of sand.
  • Squats, presses, dragging and throwing, there are many movements possible when using a Sandbag.

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