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Plyo kaste AZAPBOX



Plyo kaste AZAPBOX

Stackable jump box – Use individually or as stacks of 2, 3 or 4;
Connect the boxes with hook & loop fastenings to create various heights for user progression;
NON-SLIP PVC COVER – The durable PVC cover can withstand consistentuse without tearing & is non-slip forsafety during exercises to reduce the chances of falling. The cover can be
easily wiped down after use increased hygiene levels;
Track your progress as you advance through the different height combinations;
Large landing area for safety;
Perfect in your home-gym, for personal training sessions or at local gyms.

90*73*15CM (Green) 
90*73*30CM (Blue)
90*73*45CM (Red)
90*73*60CM (Black)

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