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Trenažieri - Grīdas segums 96 x 96 x 0.8 cm - melni ar zilām granulām


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Grīdas segums 96 x 96 x 0.8 cm – melni ar zilām granulām

  • Cena par vienu plāksni (96 x 96 x 0.8 cm).

This high-quality rubber flooring of black of compacted rubber granules and 10{dc7ae228f18a1b6dda1eac1acbfd4f84da43b75637c0421b776e14f681f9c2c5} colored granules can be used anywhere where increased
shock-absorbing and sound-insulating properties are required and it is the ideal protective covering for joints, surface and equipment.
Highly compacted and the top finish of this coating for highly stressed functional surfaces, dumbbell and equipment areas is ideal.

The surface is m at 1050 kg / 3 extremely highly compressed, making it extremely durable and abrasion resistant.
The Puzzle teeth has a very precise fit and sits as safe and virtually seamless.
There are five different colors to choose from.

Gymfloor ® granular soils are tested for harmful substances and virtually odorless!
Safe for humans and the environment! Made in the EU.

Product Type:                       protective lining – Puzzle plate

Variants Part No .:

black / black RPM-08-A
black / gray RPM-08-B
black / green RPM-08-C
black / blue RPM-08-D
Black / Red RPM-08-E
black / yellow RPM-08-F

Material: recycled crumb rubber / 10{dc7ae228f18a1b6dda1eac1acbfd4f84da43b75637c0421b776e14f681f9c2c5} colored Granulaten- polyurethane bonded

length: 956 mm
width: 956 mm
thickness: 8 mm
density / density of 1050 kg / m 3
basis weight / m 2 : 8.4 kg
soundproofing / force reduction:medium / strong / extra strong

Surface: fine-pored granulate structure – smooth
bottom: rough
color: black + black with 10{dc7ae228f18a1b6dda1eac1acbfd4f84da43b75637c0421b776e14f681f9c2c5} colored granules
Appearance: semi-gloss, non-reflective Color


  • from recycled rubber granules and 10{dc7ae228f18a1b6dda1eac1acbfd4f84da43b75637c0421b776e14f681f9c2c5} EPDM granules – tested for harmful substances!
  • almost odorless
  • highly compressed
  • heavy loads, leaves no pressure point depressions
  • very robust and durable
  • Extra surface slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant
  • permanently elastic and unbreakable
  • very good lie-flat property
  • strong noise-reducing, force-relieving and shock absorbing
  • insensitive to moisture and water
  • colorfast and sweat resistant
  • fast and easy to install
  • cuttable (carpet-laying knives)
  • easy cleaning – wet washable / suck
  • suitable for interior and exterior use


Universal application as a protective lining in commerce and industry.
Preferably, for highly stressed areas in Fitness – Dumbbell and training area.

Indoor: YES
Outdoor: YES
weightlifting / Abwurftraing: NO

5 years on wear under normal use


Loose installation on all solid surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, plaster, wood, tile,
laminate, short and solid carpet and synthetic surfaces with named substrates.
Outstanding plane lying property. Lay / connect through Puzzle teeth simple.

If necessary, the sheets can be bonded at points or in terms of area.
Possible adhesive can be found here in our shop.

: if required
+ temporary bond with double-sided adhesive tape

plus any full-surface adhesion with 2-component polyurethane adhesive **
Available ** not in our shop

The surface does not require special treatment, but must be sound, level,
free of dust and dry.
Small bumps similar to the elastic lining of playing.
Exact longitudinal cutting or recesses can be performed quickly and easily with a carpet / installation knife.

Cleaning / Maintenance:       sucking, mopping

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