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Velotrenažieris XEBEX® AIRPLUS – ar gaisa un magnētisko pretestības sistēmu


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Velotrenažieris XEBEX® AIRPLUS – ar gaisa un magnētisko pretestības sistēmu

The new Xebex ® AirPlus Bike provides the right indoor racing bike feeling ! These bikes represent the next stage of development in the field of indoor bikes. The air and magnetic resistance results in a unique driving experience.

Unique drive
The innovative air and magnetoresistance drive system ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience. The degree of damping and the degree of magnetization can be set independently of one another and are shown digitally on the display. Two straps with a self-tensioning system are used.

Increased safety and more effectiveness
Unlike a normal indoor cycle with a fixed connection to the flywheel, where the flywheel that is set in motion continues to rotate and of course the pedals / feet must follow the rotation, the Xebex ® AirPlus bike has a real freewheel . This forces the rider to use all of the muscles in their legs to move the flywheel, just as they would on a real racing bike. With the Xebex ® AirPlus Bike you can not only train more effectively, but also much more safely.

Flywheel, damper and power
setting The air-based flywheel gives the driver control over the intensity at all times. The damper allows the driver to adjust the amount of airflow on the left side and the AirPlus resistance of the flywheel while driving  (magnetically) , which can increase or decrease the intensity. The resistance level can be easily tracked in real time using the display.

Adjustment of the resistance

  • Magnetic resistance: On the right-hand side of the flywheel, the driver can pull the AirPlus button and choose between eight levels to further increase the resistance.
  • Air resistance: On the left side of the flywheel, the driver can imitate a gradient of about 15 degrees.

With the combination of air and magnetic resistance, the driver can imitate inclines of up to 35 degrees.

Console display

The Xebex ® AirPlus Bike has a bright, illuminated and color-coded LCD display. All values ​​/ settings are mapped in real time and are easy to read. The progress can be recognized at any time with the help of the color-coded Progress Circle. The Progress Circle can be assigned to represent any distance, calories, or time you specify, or a default 1000m lap. Alternatively, a color-coded display for the wattage and heart rate range can be installed.

All benefits at a glance: 

  • Degree of damping
  • Degree of magnetization
  • Drag level
  • time
  • distance
  • Calories
  • watt
  • RPM
  • speed
  • Heart rate (compatible with 5khz chest straps)
  • Progress Circle
  • including Smart Connect (Bluetooth and Ant +)

Seating comfort / adjustments

Every racing cyclist will immediately feel at home and find their usual seating position in just a few simple steps . Fine, numbered gradations ensure that everyone can quickly find their desired position, even with changing users. With the classic saddle fastening clamp, it is possible to convert to your own saddle at any time. Of course, it is also possible to attach all common racing bike clipless pedal systems to the crank.

All benefits at a glance:

  •     Handlebar support height adjustable in 30 steps = approx. 30 cm
  •     Handlebar adjustable front / rear: approx. 19 cm
  •     Adjustable console angle: 270 degrees
  •     Seat post height adjustable in 30 steps: 30 cm range
  •     adjustable seat angle: 30 degrees
  •     Adjustable seat front / back: approx. 4 cm


  • Net weight: 57.6 kg
  • maximum user weight: 159 kg
  • Dimensions L / W / H: 125 x 52 x120 cm
  • Metal pedal with toe cup

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