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Velotrenažieris Horizon GR7


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Velotrenažieris Horizon GR7

Horizon Indoorcycle GR7 – with the innovative “Glow Ride” lighting system for varied racing feel

With the special design – inspired by the racing bikes of professional athletes – the new Horizon GR series brings you the unique feeling of road cycling home.
Starting with the perfect geometry of the frame up to the ergonomically adjustable, specifically adaptable touchpoints, the Horizon Indoorcycles fit at every stage of the bike perfectly to your body. Always experience a particularly comfortable ride – regardless of whether you want to put in a quick workout or prepare persevering to your new personal best.

The intuitive LCD console provides real-time feedback so you have your results at a glance. Various training programs make your workout varied and challenging.

And even better is that innovative “Glow Ride” light system supports interval training to a new level. The LED light will guide you through different phases of a route and thus linked training positions.

The Jump-section of your workouts simulate the feeling of uphill and downhill driving as in mountain biking. The lighting system of the console shows you so that you have the right handlebar position of your hands at the top, rounded part of the handlebar secure fit for this challenging training session.

The run-section was designed to simulate a standing driving position as an increase. The lighting system of the console draws while keeping your hands on the bottom handles the multi-position handlebars. This position causes you to stand on the pedals and maximize the force of your legs.

The position most frequently used, the fully seated position, is ideal for the warm-up, cooling or recovery between sprint intervals. The lighting system of the console forwards while keeping your hands on the outside of the handlebar grips (or in the middle). For a relaxed attitude while driving with submaximal intensity as on level ground, a real road cycling race.

  • Rear-wheel drive and ergonomic handlebar, saddle and pedals with toe clips for real cycling feeling in your own home.
  • The magnetic resistance system provides immediate and smooth adjustment to the desired workout intensity.
  • The multi-position handlebars and adjustable seat allow users of all sizes to find the optimal training position.
  • The optional LCD console provides real-time feedback and a variety of training programs. Included HIIT mode with a unique lighting system that it leads through the various phases of a simulated road bicycle race.
  • The free Fitdisplay app connects smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with the indoor cycle and allows a personalized training experience, watt display and other fascinating possibilities.

The free FitDisplay app connects your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with the indoor cycle and offers entertainment, motivation, workout tracking, and more. For example, the FitDisplay Beat program adjusts the resistance training to the beat of the music being played.

With Virtual Active you drive interactively through real landscapes around the world and competitions and Challenge programs open up a new social network and provide bonus points.

There are a number goal-based training programs, and FitDisplay stores along with personal settings and training data for the optimal documentation of training progress and achievements. With the free download of the FitDisplay app in the App Store or Google Play is fascinating training worlds open.

Here are the technical facts at a glance:





6 kg

transport wheels


Water bottle holder



Multi-position handlebars

adjustable handlebar

vertically and horizontally, continuously


Ergonomic racing saddle

saddle adjustment

vertical and horizontal, tilt adjustable


Turning pedals, SPD / Cup


display window

5 “LCD


Time, distance, calories, heart rate, rpm, speed, battery life

heart rate

Wireless heart rate receiver compatible with Polar chest strap


HIIT, speed intervals, heart rate intervals

resistant system

braking system

ECB magnetic brake

drive system

belt drive

Technical specifications

Footprint (L x B x H)

132 x 56 x 100 cm


51 kg

Max. User weight

136 kg

Delivery: 1 piece Horizon Indoorcycle GR7 without console

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