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Velotrenažieris BH Fitness iCarbon dual


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Velotrenažieris BH Fitness iCarbon dual

The i.Carbon Dual upright bike from BH Fitness offers a great priced exercise bike, perfect for using in your home-gym setup.

The bike is perfect for intensive use and offers a soft, smooth pedalling action that will be of benefit to people who are looking for a simple but effective exercise bike.

With a 13kg flywheel and magnetic braking system, ensures that the bike is suitable for daily use at home, whilst offering a quiet cycling solution.

The XXL saddle offers supreme comfort and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.


Pre-installed with 12 programs ove 24 levels of intesnity, there are training programs that will suit everyone. The bike can accomodate 4 User Profiles ( 1 each for the whole family) which means that your preferred setting will be stored, so you can be happy that the bike will be setup to suit your needs.

The bike comes complete with a tablet holder, which allows you to keep your tablet or phone close-by to keep yourself entertained whilst training, be that keeping an eye on social media or catching up on the latest TV series.

The console will display all the data you would expect; time, distance, calories, RPM, heart rate and watts. By being able to see this data when training you can monitor your progress or set targets before you start. Some users may want to hit a target time over a set distance or burn a certain amount of calories. Setting targets before starting is a great way to get yourself motivated whilst pushing yourself to improve every time you cycle.

The bike also features a water bottle holder just below the console, which allows users to keep hydrated with ease.


Indoor cycles are hugely popular and are a fantastic solution for training at home, as they typically don’t require much space and can be easily manoeuvred from place to place. Cycling is a wonderful form of exercise and benefits include: –

  • Increased calorie burning.
  • Overall improvements to general health and fitness.
  • Improved lower body muscle tone.
  • Low impact exercise which sustains joint health.

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