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Skrejceliņš LifeSpan Fitness TR8000i Ar Margām



Skrejceliņš LifeSpan Fitness TR8000i Ar Margām

  • Motors: 5 Zs.
  • Rotācijas minūtē (RPM): 3000
  • Ātrums: 0.16 – 19.2 km/h (uz priekšu); -0.16 – 4.8 km/h (atpakaļgaitā).
  • Slīpums: -3 – 12%
  • Automātisks slīpums: jā.
  • Ar atbalsta margām.
  • Ar 7.6 cm rullīšiem skrejlentas atbalstam.
  • Ar metāla sānu sliedēm.
  • Ar dzēriena pudeles novietošanas vietu.
  • Skrejceliņš nav salokāms.

The LifeSpan Treadmill TR8000i is a professional treadmill that is very suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The treadmill has a very low initial speed of 0.1 MPH and long armrests running over the entire length of the treadmill, which you can use for extra support and safety. It’s compatible with the LifeSpan Bluetooth 4.0/ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap and the Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth 4.0.

LifeSpan TR8000i Professional Rehabilitation Treadmill

The LifeSpan TR8000i is ideally suited for use in rehabilitation training. This professional treadmill has very long armrests that extend all the way to the back. This is very safe while getting on and off the treadmill and offers you optimal support during training, so you won’t lose your balance. This is ideal for people who train to recover from a (sports) injury.

Very low minimum speed of 0.2 km/h 

The minimum speed is just 0.2 km/h. This means that you can walk very slowly. This way you can build up your training level  at your own pace. The maximum speed of 19 km/h gives you the possibility to keep improving your training level. Unique to this treadmill is the possibility to walk both forwards and backwards. To walk backwards you have to reduce the speed between -2 and – 4,8 km/h. Walking backwards has less impact on your joints than walking forwards does and it helps you to train your balance. It also strengthens your muscles and makes your hamstrings more flexible.

You can train both decline and incline from -3 to + 12% 

You can train both incline and decline. Decline training has many advantages. It lowers your blood level, which reduces the risk of Diabetes Type II and decreases LDL cholesterol, which reduces the risk of arterial disease. With decline training you mainly train your calf muscles and hamstrings so they get stronger. Because you can train both incline and decline, you can also simulate a hill run. This way your training gets more realistic and dynamic. With a gradient level of 12%, the treadmill offers enough challenge to keep improving your training level.

Exercise with as little impact on your joints as possible

Your training shouldn’t be taxing on your joints, especially when you need to rehabilitate. The TR8000i has a two-layered running surface, which means it is sturdy, durable and offering sufficient cushioning during the training. This reduces the impact on your joints. The treadmill also has a good schok absorption to cushion your steps and protect your joints.

Professional treadmill for beginners and more experienced athletes 

The TR8000i is a treadmill for professional use. It has a maximum user weight up to a stunning 227 kg, which means people weighing up to 227 kg can use it intensely and long-term on a daily base. The treadmill is suitable for professional use at physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices, gyms, hotels and companies, but can also be used by personal trainers and at home by serious athletes for intensive cardio endurance training. The running surface is very long and wide, Length 158 x Width 56 cm, so you can train comfortably, even at maximum speed. Due to its length, the treadmill is also suitable to very tall athletes.

Treadmill with a reversible running surface 

A special feature of the TR8000i is the reversible running surface. Due to intensive and prolonged training, the running surface is subject to wear. If it wears out over time, you can reverse the running surface once to make it more durable. This way you’ll enjoy your treadmill for a very long time. Don’t settle for any less than the LifeSpan treadmill TR8000i.

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