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Skrejceliņš BH Fitness Pioneer R7



Skrejceliņš BH Fitness Pioneer R7

  •  Integrated Touch&Fun Technology
  •  Fully Customized Software
  •  Large Running Surface
  •  Powerful 2 Hp motor; Max 3.5 Hp
  •  36 Preset Programs

The biggest member of the Pioneer Range, the Pioneer R7 TFT model features all the connectivity and entertainment provided by the on-board Touch&Fun Technology.

Installed with a powerful 3.5CV motor, the R7 treadmill offers users a sufficient platform for walking, jogging or full-on sprinting. Featuring a large running surface and a damping system with 6 elastomers, the R7 is a robust treadmill that will cope with intense daily home-use.

The R7 offers a maximum speed of 20kmp/h and a maximum incline of 12%. The treadmill therefore is perfect for simulating hill climbs for both walking or running and is also a great treadmill for HIIT training programs.

Both the incline and speed can be easily controlled via the hot keys on the treadmill, ensuring that users can concentrate on training and not be distratced looking for buttons on the console.


The 9″ TFT touchscreen console is both easy-to-read and easy-to-use. Pre-installed with 36 programs, including a heart rate contol program, there is plenty of variety and training options.

The R7 has both WiFi/ and MP3 connectivity functionality, which therefore allows you to browse the web whilst you train or listen to your favourite workout playlist. There is an integrated tablet holder for users who wish to use their own tablet or phone to keep entertained when training.

The console will display; time, distance, calories, heart rate, speed and incline when in-use and users will be able to keep an eye on their progress. These features can also be used to set target programs such as a target calorie loss per session or setting a target time to run a 5 or 10k.

An integrated fan will keep you cool for those especially gruelling sessions just above the other smart quick keys.

The R7 is foldable for easy storage and transport wheels make it easy to transport around any setup if need be.

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