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Airēšanas trenažieris First Degree Viking 3 AR Plus


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Airēšanas trenažieris First Degree Viking 3AR Plus

The home sports – rowing machine with Scandinavian flair

Inspired by the historic longboats of the Vikings is the First Degree Fitness Viking3 AR Rowing Ergometer ago from selected good wood of American ash tree. The design standards of the manufacturer is to achieve the ultimate synergy between form and function here.

handmade and protected with double enamel against external influences, this rowing machine has a very long lifetime for up to many hours of training. The construction dieswes rowing machine rests on a high-strength central frame made of molded laminate that is covered by the fine woodwork.

For the sophisticated athlete in Homegym the Viking provides AR3 rowing machine during training feel actually on the water to be on the road.
Also contributes to the acoustic effect in by the Wasserverwirbelung in double tank system that is audible in rowing. That means for you 0Look and feel at the highest level.

Reach your fitness goals, when you want it. Regardless of weather conditions you row with this exciting rowing machine whenever your time allows you. With the push of a button adjustable resistance you quickly and easily select, your desired level of light as a feather to competitive feeling. Once started training, you will notice the missing anything if you can not find even the time to exercise – addictive in the best sense for your fitness and health.

  • Adjustable resistance of feather to sophisticated competitive level. With fast customization for progressive training, interval training or more users.
  • No dead spots! Patented twin tanks with triple Edelstahlflügelrad ensure a direct and consistent resistance throughout the rowing stroke.
  • A luxurious ergonomic handle minimizes stress on the hands, wrists and forearms.
  • Smooth and quiet movements seat and an ergonomic seat and a structured anti-slip finish. Exceptional comfort guaranteed.
  • Easily adjustable footrests with secure heel receptor and angled area under the ball of the foot to support the legwork.
  • Durable belt drive – smooth-running, clean, quiet, maintenance-free.
  • The active return system to facilitate faster strokes utilizes Enhanced Gummizuglänge and 2 x precision one
  • Best simulation of the actual rowing with sensory stimulation of sight, the sound and the feeling of being on the water. Smooth, progressive and satisfactory exercises.
  • Multi-level exercise monitor (with USB port * for extended functionality): time, distance, 500m split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts, interval training, and (optional) heart rate.
  • Ecologically produced from premium American ash wood from sustainable plantations.
  • Simplified installation and virtually maintenance free.
  • Transport wheels at the front for easy moving the rowing machine in the room.
  • Joint Gentle full-body cardiovascular workout.
  • Space, standing 550 x 540 mm (22 x 21 “) and mounted in 2135 (84”) mm length 550 mm (22 “), width 540 mm (21”) height. Maximum user weight 150kg (330lbs).
  • Warranty. Private use: frame – 5 years, non-wearing mechanical parts – 3 years, all other parts – 2 years see website for details).

* The USB connectivity is built into all new models of the FDF console and IPM and allows
you an even further improved training experience in which you now your home computer or laptop with
can connect your exercise equipment. By means of example applications themselves provided by FDF
You can now train and simultaneously watch your favorite movies.
NetAthlon 2 XF for rowers also gives you the opportunity via internet connection and
deliver 3D virtual reality with other rowers race or just to train alone.
The instructions you provides more information.

The 19-page manual in German language can be found above in PDF format for download.

For disposal of used batteries, please refer to the  Note on battery legislation .

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