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Fitnesa bumba 75cm 4Fizjo



Fitnesa bumba 75cm 4Fizjo

Green rehabilitation ball – diameter 75 cm

The 4FIZJO training ball is primarily safety of use. It has an anti-burst security system. It is thanks to him that you can be sure that even when the ball gets damaged, the air will flow out of it slowly, so that the exercising person does not fall to the floor. It is thanks to this property and high-quality material from which it is made that it found recognition in the eyes of trainers, physiotherapists and people exercising at home.

The 4FIZJO ball is a simple device that will provide you with the possibility of effective and, above all, interesting training. In addition to the ball, you’ll get a special pump with a pull & push system – which pumps both when you push and pull its piston. This will inflate your ball twice as fast.

Our ball is a premium product, which means it will work in both home and commercial use – in gyms and physiotherapy rooms.

Product details:

The length of the ball before inflating: 75 cm

Ball diameter after inflation: 60 cm

Pump height: 26 cm

Green color

Security: anti-burst system

The kit includes:

75cm ball 4FIZJO

Pump with pull & push system

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